OnLine Giving:

To utilize this service, either click the button below, or text (989) 308-4499 and follow the link that you then receive.

When you first give your gift, you’ll need to create an account. Simply follow these steps to create your account.

(1) Visit the site and select the tab labelled “Sign In”. Once you’re there, click the blue “Register for an Account” link at the bottom of the page.

(2) Fill out your personal information. You’ll need to list either an email address or a phone number that can receive text messages so that you can securely log into your account in the future. Then, click the blue “Register” button.

(3) You’re now logged into your Kindred Giving account. In the top right hand corner of the page, click the circle with your initials in it (see Anna’s example below). This will open up a dropdown menu. Click “My Account”.

(4) On the left side of the screen will be a menu starting with “My Account”. Select “Payment Methods”, then add the payment method you would like to use for your offerings. Kindred Giving accepts both direct deposits from your bank account and payments made with a credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard are accepted). Then click the blue save button at the bottom of the screen. You can add a new form of payment or delete an outdated form at any time.

After that, giving a gift is as easy as hitting the button, signing in, and submitting your offering!

If you run into any problems or questions, call the church office at (989) 872-2770, and Amy will call you back to help you out.