How to access Facebook Live – Without a Facebook Account!

How to access a Facebook live stream without having a Facebook account: step by step

(1) You’re already at the Good Shepherd website, so you’ve accomplished the first step! Click here to open up the “Worship with Us – Online” page.

(2) Click on the first bolded line that says “To watch the live stream on Facebook, click here – even if you don’t have a Facebook account!” Facebook will open in a new tab.

(3) At the bottom of the page is a banner telling you to sign in to a Facebook account. YOU CAN IGNORE THIS!! They’re just trying to make you create an account, but you absolutely don’t have to to watch the live stream! Start scrolling down the page. Eventually, a box will pop up on your screen asking you again to sign in to a Facebook account. You can ignore this too! Simply click “Not Now” at the bottom right hand corner of that box. This is the last time they’ll ask you while you’re on this page.

(4) As you scroll down the page, you’ll see our photos, recommendations and reviews, and our older videos that you can go and take a look at too if you’d like, and then you’ll see the worship service. To see it with the full screen, click anywhere on the video, and it’ll open up the video very large on your browser.